Welcome to SOW Publishing! This is just a sample of the materials we publish and distribute, in the area of accounting, finance, office skills, computer programming, database management, and investments. Most of our products are for major booksellers, schools, and colleges. Sometimes, we sell directly to individuals. We supply high-speed hands-on materials to medium and large companies for in-house training.

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We publish and distribute Quicken and QuickBooks. Quicken is the most used personal financial software in the market today and QuickBooks is the best financial software for small businesses.

Our printers and binders are the best in the industry. They use the latest equipment in laser technology to provide quality products.

Credit Reports

We publish how to increase your credit score kits, books, mini-books, CD-ROM, and reports. We understand that increasing your credit score is an important step in increasing your cash flow.

We have testing experts who conduct detail tests and analysis to make sure our products conform to our key concepts of speed and accuracy.

Office Skills

The areas we cover are spreadsheet, word processing, and database management. We publish and distribute Excel and Word textbooks and accompanying materials. Learning Microsoft Excel and Word is as easy as ABC with our materials.