Office skills page

Office skill is becoming very easy with the use of computer and many small and large companies are updating their office processes to meet the challenges of the 21st century. SOW Publishing is anticipating that these changes will usher in an era of computer literacy and is ready to meet these demands with quality products.

Using Excel with High Speed. The power of Excel is so amazing that no serious company can succeed in managing its data without employing the help of a good spreadsheet. Microsoft Excel is a name brand everyone knows and uses. We made using Excel easy by providing a step-by-step book that includes the following:

  • How to create files and print reports.
  • How to insert pictures, diagrams and objects.
  • How to format cells, rows, columns and sheets.
  • How to use functions, goal seek, scenarios and macros.
  • How to sort, filter, subtotal, consolidate and use pivot tables.
  • How to create graphs, use word art and create forms.

Using Excel with High Speed Workbook. We provide a quality manual and other materials designed to give in dept knowledge in the mastery of Excel. The workbook is synthesized to provide the following:

  • Multiple choice questions and answers.
  • True and False questions and answers.
  • Short practice exercises.
  • Long practice exercises.

Using Word with High Speed. Since Word is the most used word processing software, it is important therefore, to get an accurate and complete knowledge of how to use this universal software if you plan to enter the work force. This step-by-step book has other topics including the following:

  • How to create files and print reports.
  • How to create boarders and shadings.
  • How to create footnotes, captions and index.
  • How to create tables, bullets and number, styles and backgrounds.

Using Word with High Speed Workbook. This manual is a must for anyone who wants to gain a complete understanding of how Word works. This workbook is all-inclusive and has the following material:

  • Multiple choice questions and answers.
  • True and False questions and answers.
  • Short practice exercises.
  • Long practice exercises.

Using PowerPoint with High Speed. Unleash your creativity with this award-winning textbook. As with all of our textbooks, individuals can use this book easily. If you know how to use the mouse, you can use our products including PowerPoint. We want everyone to be able to create professional looking PowerPoint presentation with ease and self-confident. The book has so many titles to listed here, but they include the following:

  • Apply Layout and Themes
  • Enter and Format texts
  • Insert Clip Arts and Smart Arts
  • Insert Tables
  • Insert Charts and Diagrams
  • View and Print Slides
  • Create Links and Buttons
  • Create Animations and Slide Shows

Using Access With High Speed. Access has dominated the small business database market. Learning now to use Access is becoming a requirement for new employees. You do not need any experience at all to use this book. It is a step by step textbook anyone can use. We want everyone to be able to learn how to run access. The book that includes the following titles:

  • How to create tables with designs.
  • How to create professional forms with multi-levels.
  • How to create great looking navigation buttons
  • How to run queries for corporate needs
  • How to perform calculation on reports
  • How to design reports with multi-level sub-forms
  • How to design custom switchboards
  • How to run professional SQL programs on Access.
  • How to create multi-level switchboard from template.


In the technical world, preparing students in the basic software knowledge is becoming an absolute for colleges across the country. Our product is designed to aid student in speed learning.

It is now becoming hard to look for a job without adding Excel and Word on one's resume.

Therefore, universities are making these subjects a requirement to graduation.

Since Microsoft Windows Office products are so popular and are becoming a part of pre-loaded software on most computers, high school principals with computer labs are adding Excel and Word in their curriculum.

Training department of major corporations.
Many corporations are becoming aware of the importance of investing in their workers. To this end, they are introducing internal training departments that offer basic courses in computer and related fields.