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There is no doubt more people are getting involved in managing their brokerage and retirement accounts. This is where SOW Publishing comes in. We want to arm individuals through hands on, step-by-step manuals on how to increase returns on their investments.

Creating Wealth With Stocks (Kit).
We are proud to introduce these strategies to individuals who are interested in increasing the returns on their investments. We took it one step further by showing how to trade without emotions and anxiety, rather with confidence of market reactions.

Creating Wealth With Stocks (Book).
The principles of investing in the stock market covered in this book are second to none. The result will astound you and you will not want to keep your broker after reading and applying the principles covered in this book.

Creating Wealth With Options (Kit).
Many have lost a lot of money by trading in options without the proper investment knowledge. We have taken the mystery out of the options market. In this kit, you will experience the secrets of making money in the options market.

Creating Wealth With Options (Book).
If you have been trading options with little or no positive results, this book has a plan for rescue - on your behalf. For new comers, it is highly recommended to master the strategies covered in this book, if you want to be successful in the options market.

How to Buy a House 50% Off
Do you know the BEST time to buy a house? Have you heard about the economic cycle? Do you know the top and the bottom of the housing market?

In this award-winning book, the author shows you when to buy a house dirt cheap, and points out exactly the top and the bottom of the housing market. If you bought at the top of the market, even if the interest rate is low, you've paid twice the price. He uncovers little known strategies of when to buy and who to buy from, and much more…


Individuals wanting to manage their finances with Quicken.
One of the keys to financial success is organization. It is very hard to manage your finances efficiently and effectively without a personal financial software like Quicken.

Small business owners wanting to manage their accounting departments with QuickBooks.
It's one thing to own the QuickBooks software; it's another to know how to use it correctly. Our step-by-step book is a requirement if you want to get the most out of your QuickBooks.

Individuals who want to increase their credit scores.
Our customers know that their credit scores affects almost every aspect of their financial life and therefore cannot afford to waste time and resources in using fly by night credit repair companies. We provide our clients with the quickest way to increase their credit score - guaranteed!

Job seekers who want to add mastery of Excel and Word to their resume.
The information age is changing the requirements employers are looking for in their new employees. It is becoming increasingly difficult to apply for an office job without the knowledge of Excel

And finally, our direct customers include families who are aggressively looking for ways to increase the returns on their investments. Household brokerage and retirement accounts are no longer left with brokers. Increasingly, individuals are managing their own retirement accounts like the 401(k), IRA, and the Roth IRA, and Word.